Our Guide To Crafting The Trees

Our Willow Crop

We can only harvest the willow by hand from November to February as this is their dormant period.

We sort them for quality and size them.

Any with branching cannot be used and rods need to be the same thickness

It takes 42 rods to make one tree and each cross-over needs to be tied with string.

If one rod/cutting fails to root the tree is no longer viable and is left to die.

When the willow starts to root it sends out little buds/side shoots.

These need to be rubbed off at regular intervals.

After three months when the rods have stiffened, the string can be removed but they still need de-budding.

At this stage we pot them on to their present 5-litre pot size and when roots show again under the pot they are ready for sale.

By this stage they have mostly stopped budding but the odd one on the trunk may still need removing.

In the autumn the leaves will drop leaving the stems for autumn and winter interest.

Cut back in spring. Please see planting and maintenance.

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